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Don't depend on Facebook, the Press, or other "Sensationalist" sources.
I site my sources so you can look them up for yourself.

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COVID-19 Data They DON'T Want You to Think About ...

(Like the fact that STATISTICALLY the Death Toll is ZERO% {.03% actually})
{The number of CASES has finally reached 1.47%.}
Currently the 5th cause of death in the World.

An Alternate view of the data. Information is restricted to the last 365 days. Older data is ignored.
Also currently the 5th cause of death in the World.

[Updated regularly, but not necessarily daily.]

I recently poked around looking for information about Tuburculosis [TB].
It has been around for thousands of years, but the first VACINE for it wasn't developed until 1921.
We have been treating TB (with vacines) for 99+ years.
TB was FINALLY BEEN PASSED by COVID deaths worldwide on 3 November, 2020.

And when was the last time you heard anyone making a big deal about TB ???
PLEASE (anyone) Explain to me what the fuss is about !!!

Worldwide: TB Deaths = 1,400,000     Check CURRENT COVID-19 Death Tally

Executive Orders are Not Laws  NJ Governor's Executive Orders Pennsylvania's Face Covering Policy

(Be Informed.  Read them for yourself.)
If you care to read executive orders for other states, you can use:
Executive Orders for COVID-19 by State

Note that as far as I can tell, every NJ Executive order that talks about "face Coverings" has within it a sentence similar to, if not identical to, the following:
"Where an individual declines to wear a face covering in the indoor premises due to a medical condition that inhibits such usage, neither the essential retail business nor its staff shall require the individual to produce medical documentation verifying the stated condition."

[Below is MY opinion.  I am not a lawyer and this is NOT legal advice.]
If you claim to have a medical condition, they cannot ask you for proof.  If you are detained or arrested to appear before a judge, it must be a Federal Judge to ask for proof, as it is the Federal HIPPA Law that protects your right to medical privacy.  Further, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING.  The burden of proof falls on the court.  They must PROVE that you DON'T have a medical condition to punish or fine you.  And in my opinion, to do that they need a written statement fron EVERY doctor in the US (because you could have been treated in another state) stating what they did or did not treat you for.

News Flash

I hear that they now have a COVID-19 Vaccine.  It is 90% effective at preventing you from getting Covid.
But since NATURE has been 92% effective
at preventing you from getting Covid ---
I think I'll stick with NATURE !!!

And besides, IF you get Vaccinated ... you STILL have to wear a mask, so what's the point?

The 'Officials' all say that No One has died as a direct result of the shot(s).  They are in denial that some of the ingredients have caused allergic reactions in some recipients which were fatal.  They (in particular the CDC and the WHO) are in denial because they have been pushing these shots, and do NOT want to face ‘Wrongful Death’ lawsuits.

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